Tours to Peru 2015-2016*


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Did You Know?

1. The Inca Empire had no writing system, so their postal service consisted of runners carrying messages by memory to different posts with pairs of people waiting for news to pass on.

2. Peruvian food can’t be beat! Peru was voted “Best Destination for Culinary Tourism” twice in a row by the World Travel Awards, AND The Guinness Book of Records included Peruvian food the most diverse. Peru has a wide variety of gourmet cuisine that people from all over the world visit just to experience!

3. In 1927, the Nazca Lines resembling shapes of animals and geometrical shapes were discovered in Peru, their meaning and purpose remaining a mystery since.

4. Peru is home to over two-thirds of the lush Amazon Rainforest!

5. The Colca Canyons have a depth of 13,650 ft, which is over twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the US.

6. The serene Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest navigable lake in the world with the Uros people living on floating islands made of reef.

7. Surfer’s paradise is considered in Trujillo, Peru, with the longest waves in the world!

8. Tourism in Peru is growing faster than any other South American country with the satisfaction rate being 94% according to government study.

9. Peru’s national drink is called “Pisco Sour”, including Pisco brandy, lemon, egg whites, sugar water, bitters and ice. Yummy!

10. The finest cottons in the world come from Peru!

11. “Soy mas Peruano que la papa” means “I’m more Peruvian than the potato”, and is said because the potato originated in Peru!

12. The ancient ruins of Machu Picchu are one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

13. The Amazon Jungle is habitat to over 400 tribes speaking different languages.

14. Mario Vargas Llosa, a writer, politician, and Novel prized winner was born in Arequipa, Peru in 1936.

15. In 2008, Ecuador was the first nation to declare that nature has constitutional rights.

16. The mixture of five oceanic currents (Equatorial, Cromwell, Humboldt, and Panama) running through the Galapagos brings a wide variety of marine life around the island.

17. The research in the Galapagos made by Darwin led to his theory of The Origin of Species, in which, he concluded Natural Selection was the reason behind evolution.

18. The sensual dance of the Tango was originated in the working-class districts of Argentina and first became popular in the brothels.

19. The Uyuni salt beds in Bolivia hold more than 64 million tons of salt, and when it rains, it reflects the entire sky.

20. Bolivia contains 40% of all the whole world’s animals and plant life!

21. Kevin Costner filmed the movie “Rapa Nui” on the Easter Island in Chile!

22. “The Mission” filmed by Robert De Niro, Liam Neeson, and other Hollywood hotshots was filmed in Brazil!

23. Peru holds the second most species of birds in the world, containing the largest flying bird, Condor, and the smallest, Little Woodstar.